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Mining Investment Books We have picked some really good books to help you to acquire the knowledge to properly do your due diligence prior to investing in mining. Enjoy!
Nevada Mining Magazine
What is all the buzz about Nevada and mining? This mining magazine speaks to it all. From the push in Nevada over marble, iron ore, silver and, more. Nevada also has Nevada mining properties for sale listings.
Western Miner Publisher
NEW WEB SITE! Western Miner
The publisher of the famous website with its database of mining properties for sale, Ron Anderson, throws his hat into the ring of book publishing. His goal is to publish books with meaning, purpose and adventure.
Strategic Metals
Stategic This site speaks to the needs of strategic metals in the world today. China has placed strict limits on exporting of rare earths, a much needed element in alternative energy components. The supply of silver, zinc, copper and lead is at an all time low. Find out how we can fix this problem for the US.
Dimensional Stone presenting in its premier issue—Marble Canyon mining claims complete with a business and marketing plan and the domain names to sell the mined marble online.
Nepheline, mining investments with this industrial mineral that has many, many uses. With Flash video virtual property tour. Along with the sister site this dominates the market.
Nepheline Syenite HTML web site
Nepheline the sister site to showing the nepheline syenite property for sale in Lincoln County, Oregon
Silver Mining Claims glitters through the use of virtual silver mining claims video articles, reports and documentation for those who like a little silver in their investments.
Mining magazines mining publications links is our successful database site, listing mining prospect for sale summaries and documentation.
The Prospector is our oldest publication, on the Internet before the web. This publication has many how to articles including how to stake a mining claim.
Gold Maps Online
Gold Maps - America's best gold panning maps. View maps of active and abandoned gold mining claims. Armchair prospecting at it's best. Know before you go.
Mining magazines mining publications links, another way to showcase video tours. This site covers the industrial minerals...not as glamorous as gold and silver but can make the "strike it rich" mining investments needed for a full investment portfolio.
Iron Ore
Iron Ore .net, iron ore is the hottest mining investment of industrial minerals out there, due to China's great need in it's reconstruction era.
Silica Ore
Silica Ore .com a huge property with huge potential and many uses as decorative rock for lanscaping rock, industrial mineral use, breast implants, silicone caulk and many other industrial uses.
Diversified Investments relies heavily on mineral exploration content.
Mining Investments features qualified projects looking for outside investors.
Gold Mining for those who prefer gold as their investments.
Gold Mining Claims is our most popular GOLD mining properties for sale site.
Alaska Mining
Alaska The lure of Alaska gold rush is shown in articles about the past and the present adventure of going north as well as listings of Alaska mining prospects.
Miners Exchange Miners is an attempt to bring back the excitement of the Old West.
Mining Equipment Mining Equipment for sale with virtual "kick the tires" videos where seller and buyer can meet on common ground... selling super jig, D-8 Cat, scalper, Murphy truck scale, feed hopper, derocker, tanker trailer, sand screw, dual jig.
The Mining Investor The Mining is our latest effort. Click through for video CD offer.
Mining Magazines is a sort of clearing house of al of our mining investments magazines publications.
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