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Click on the following PDF documents to retrieve and print these documents.These are fairly large downloads because they are scanned images rather than text files because we wanted to keep the integrety of the original documents. We have also optimized these PDFs for printing on an ink jet printer at 240 dpi to make them easier to read.

New polymetallics report

The Win Group of claims have been increased from 32 claims to 167, over 6700 acres—see new claims map

1) New sample assays (2005 season) from USGS

2) U. S. Geological Survey Circular 559, by Reed, B.L. & Elliott, R.L., 1968, Lead, Zinc, and Silver Deposits at Bowser Creek, McGrath A-2 Quadrangle, Alaska.

3) U.S. Geological Survey Circular 569, by Reed & Elliott, 1968, Geochemical Anomalies and Metalliferous Deposits Between Windy Fork and Post River, Southern Alaska Range.

4) Homestake Mineral Development Property Examination, by Buchholz, J., 1968, Alaskamin Prospect, Bowser Creek, Alaska.

5) State of Alaska Division of Mines & Geology Report #74-2. by Anderson, Robert E., 1968, Geological Observations and Comments. Bowser Creek Prospect.

6) Consulting Geologists Report, by Sharp, Wm., 1968 & 1971, Geological Report on the Bowser Creek Prospect in the McGrath A-2 Quadrangle, Alaska.

7) Consulting Geologists Report, by Orr, James M., 1968, A Proposal on the Alaskamin Prospect Lead, Zinc, and Silver Deposit, Bowser Creek, Alaska.

8) U.S. Office of Minerals Exploration Application, by Orr, James M., 1971, Supporting Geological Data: Proposed Drill Holes, and Samples by Dr. Neil Campbell. Humble Oil & Refining Co.

9) E.J. Longyear Company Presentation, by Armstrong, Lee C., 1969, Views on the Bowser Creek Area, McGrath A-2 Quadrangle, Alaska.

10) University of Alaska Master of Science Thesis, by Szumigala, David J., 1986, Geology and Geochemistry of the Tin Creek Zinc-Lead-Silver Skarn Prospects, Farewell Mineral Belt, Southern Alaska Range, Alaska (Excerpts).

11) Denver Equipment, Ore Testing Laboratory, Report, 1985, Mill test of stockpiled ore.

12) Bureau of Mines Report of Investigations RI 9022, by Sandberg, R.G., & Huiatt, J.L., 1986, Recovery of Silver, Gold, and Lead From a Complex Sulfide Ore Using Ferric Chloride, Thiourea, and Brine Leach Solutions.

13) Bureau of Mines Materials Characterization Laboratory Report, 1988, Results of preliminary examination of stockpiled ore.

14) Alaska Department of Natural Resources Professional Report 91, by T.K. Bundtzen, J.T. Kline, T.E. Smith, M.D. Albanese, 1988, Geology of the McGrath A-2 Quadrangle, Alaska. (This file is over 6mgs in size and may take awhile to download)

15) Documents pertaining to the status of the claims.

Alaska silver reportThe next two PDFs are of the Intro and complete Win Group of Claims portfolio. Which when printed produce a report of over 200 pages. These are at 240 resolution for printing from an inkjet printer and because of their size, may take a while to load

16) Win Group Of Claims Intro

17) Complete Win Group Of Claims Portfolio (all the above in one document)

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